CEO’s Corner, Angela Clabon

CEO’s Corner, Angela Clabon

Dear Friends and Partners,

The past year was one for the books! As we near the end of our 46th year, let us not forget how wonderful of a year we have had. 2015 brought in new friends and partners, all of whom have helped us move toward new initiatives and overcome many challenges.

As you know, our community is always in need of quality, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare. Thousands of St. Louis residents are uninsured or underinsured. As this is unacceptable, the fact remains: they need help getting access to primary health care, behavioral health care and dental health care services.

Over the years, we have watched our patient demographic widen and have come in contact with many different walks of life. However, one patient group in particular stands out: people experiencing homelessness. In 2014, we provided comprehensive healthcare services to 7,158 homeless people. This is a huge number of people, which we believe demands further attention.

Primarily an economic problem, homelessness is also a social problem. It’s an issue which has been extremely stigmatized by our nation’s culture and society, which often leaves homeless individuals overlooked by those with the capabilities and resources to help. As the winter months approach, the cold will make it increasingly difficult for people experiencing homelessness to survive. It is not uncommon for us to see many individuals sitting inside our health centers, without ever seeing a doctor, simply because they are waiting for the next church, shelter, or community service organization to open its doors and provide a hot meal or warm place to stay. Our goal through the winter months is to ensure patients who are experiencing homelessness receive the utmost attention and care from our community.

As the most vulnerable in our society are usually the last to reach out for help, I ask that you keep St. Louis’s homeless population in mind. I ask that you refer people you may know who are experiencing homelessness to our facilities. Whether they are a friend, a family member or a complete stranger, we will embrace them with open arms and a warm heart.

Finally, I ask that you simply do not forget about the most vulnerable of our society and to do so by reminding yourself how lucky you are to have a home over your head and good food to eat. Please join us as a partner in support of our mission to offer quality healthcare services to the most underserved and under-supported members of our community and know that your support makes a huge difference.

I wish you the absolute best during this most joyous holiday season.

With warm regards,

Angela Clabon

Chief Executive Officer

Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Centers, Inc.